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Trimarans are fun because they enably you to discover places that others cannot venture to. The draft of the Rapido 60 is only 0.75m when the rudder blade and dagger board are retracted, which facilitates shallow water navigation and anchorage. Comfortable nets 6.3m x 3m on both sides of the Rapido 60 provide an enormous space to play or lounge when the fish are not biting. Check out some holiday snapshots.



The only criticism of trimarans one hears is, due to the narrow hulls there is a lack of living and storage space for extended cruising. This is true if you are trying to cruise on a converted trimaran that was designed for racing. The Rapido 60 was conceived, designed and constructed as an owner operated powerful ocean cruising trimaran providing unparalleled living and storage space with safety, stability and comfort as a top priority.

We are committed to building the best ocean cruising trimaran in the world!


Trimarans are powerful as demonstrated by the fact that they consistently win races. Round the world records are held by trimarans for good reason. Even in the storms of the southern oceans trimarans are safe, easy to handle and faster on all points of sail due to their wide beam and light weight. In 2008 Francis Joyon on IDEC was the first person to sail solo on a trimaran non-stop around the world, and in only 57 days. The current trimaran record is 40 days compared to 78 days for the fastest monohull.  





Safety at sea is a major concern of ours and a top priority in the design and construction of the Rapido 60. The foam sandwich and carbon construction provides an extremely strong, rigid but relatively light structure designed to withstand the might of the oceans. The T foil rudder blade is designed to provide additional stability and control. Each float has four watertight bulkheads and the main hull five bulkheads to ensure that the Rapido 60 is as safe and unsinkable as possible. The engine and main equipment compartment under the saloon has two bulkheads. There are three emergency escape hatches with one in the forward cabin, one in the aft cabin and one in the main storage compartment under the cockpit, which has also been specifically designed as a safe survival area.  Automatic and portable bilge pumps are provided.



The helm position provides superb all round visibility and is high and away from the elements with a hard top bimini with sliding roof and a 1.2m wide seat/ leaning post for seating comfort and standing support. Main controls are at the helm making single or short handed sailing easier and safer. Steering is direct with strong well engineered Jefa systems. Emergency rudder blade is ready to deploy in an emergency.   The engine compartment has an auto fire extinguisher system. There are an additional three portable fire extinguishers and a fire blanket. Diesel is the only fuel on board for engine, stove and heating thereby eliminating highly flammable cooking gas. 

The head sails are on furlers for ease of deployment and operation. Twin bow anchors with the main anchor ready to deploy. There is a dedicated storage area for safety equipment and wet weather gear in the cockpit. Jack stays and clip on points are provided as are bow and stern cockpit safety rails.  The Rapido 60 is designed for optimal fast performance to get you out of harms way as storm avoidance is one of the best safety options!  CE A certification. 


The Rapido 60 has truly amazing living space providing more open, private and intimate areas than monohulls or catamarans and with superior usable storage than that of an equivalent size catamaran.​ The cockpit, saloon, galley and navigation work station are all on the same level providing an expansive living space of 5.7 m x 3.8 m giving all the best features of a bridge deck cruising catamaran, including excellent visibility, while retaining the trimarans unbeatable safety, stability and speed. 


Both the aft cabin and forward master cabin are spacious, bright and airy with private head and shower. The aft deck seating and lounging space near the helm ensures that crew and guests are all part of the action. The area in front of the mast has been specifically designed as a private secure sun deck. Comfortable nets 6.3m x 3m on both sides of the Rapido 60 provide an enormous space to play or just lounge. The transom swim platform area is equipped with hot and cold water shower. 




Trimarans are comfortable on all points of sail. Monohulls typically sail with 20-25 degrees of heel and roll at anchor, which makes living aboard uncomfortable and even exhausting. Catamarans are comfortable when moored but even the best tend to see saw and pitch underway and on a beat the bridge deck slams into waves. This can make cruising quite uncomfortable and even if the catamaran is of the lighter variety and few are, it greatly reduces  speed.


Comfort and peace of mind on a voyage are essential. True comfort is when the design motion of the yacht is the best possible in all conditions because everything is in the right place to maximize stability. The Rapido 60 has centralized all heavy and variable items of equipment, including anchor chain, fuel and water and all provisions for extended long term cruising.


The Rapido 60 with a waterline of 18m combined with a huge righting moment due to massive buoyancy of the floats and an 11.7 m beam produces a ride like its on rails. Typically one may expect 5-8 degrees of heel and perhaps 10 degrees when hitting speeds of 25–30 ++ knots. Further enhancing the unparalleled stability and comfort, our T foil rudder blade actively generates lift or downforce as required to practically eliminate pitching. 


When the summer sun beats down trimarans tend to be cooler and the Rapido 60 with foam sandwich and carbon construction provides a very high degree of insulation. Under sail the mainsail provides large areas of shade on one side at most angles. Due to faster speeds, trimarans also create their own apparent wind which makes them noticeably cooler than slower boats. After going ashore on a pitch black night you will easily find your rapido amongst a sea of other yachts at anchor simply because its the only mast light in the bay that's not moving around like a firefly!




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...The World’s ultimate ocean cruising trimaran!

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