Can you see yourself jumping into the 36th America’s Cup from the trampoline nets of your new Rapido Trimaran?

See below for further details…

Nautic Expo Ad
Nautic Expo Ad for Rapido Trimarans’ America’s Cup 2021 promotion.

Rapido’s trampoline nets will make the ideal viewing platform to witness the America’s Cup boats up close during the trials and races.

And it’s all very possible.

Rapido Trimarans is currently running a promotion where we will deliver your new Rapido Trimaran – whether that be the R60, R50 or R40 – to:

  • Auckland, New Zealand, in time for the 36th America’s Cup which will be held in March 2021; or
  • Sydney if you prefer to join the Sydney-Auckland Race which is one of the lead up events to the America’s Cup.

Special offer for Rapido 40 owners

If you purchase the Rapido 40:

  • And decide that you simply don’t have the time to get to New Zealand, we will offer you a free carbon upgrade (excludes mast); and
  • Don’t forget, the Rapido 40 Lighthouse Guarantee.

Please note, conditions do apply especially with respect to the availability of suitable production slots in the factory.

For further details

  • Ph (WhatsApp): +84 939 040 201
  • Email [email protected]