To generate income in an increasingly congested day charter market, you need a unique selling proposition to sail ahead of the fleet!

The Rapido 60 Trimaran (built exclusively by Triac Composites) is the day charter boat – in sail or power configurations – to differentiate your company. It differentiates by offering your paying passengers a genuine sailing experience where they can actually feel the wind rushing across their faces. It’s only the turning heads of passengers aboard the lumbering catamarans and slow monohulls that can keep up with the Rapido 60! When International Multihull World magazine reviewed the Rapido 60, it noted that, “All of the other sailboats seemed to be stuck in a sticky sea while we surfed consistently with peaks at 16 knots“.

A Chance to Charter

Are you looking to complement and differentiate your current fleet with a trimaran that puts the “S” back into “Sailing”? Or are you looking for a power tri that can purrrrr, driven by a Yanmar? Are you looking to start your own charter business that blends income with lifestyle sailing the world’s fastest cruising trimaran?

Seize the Day

Rapido Trimarans has now built our first ever charter version of the Rapido 60.

As well as islands, snorkeling, lunches and sunset cocktails, for those wanting a new experience, the Rapido 60 delivers the thrill of sailing. One can offer two or more ‘just sailing’ trips per day… Take the helm at 16 knots Regatta participation Racing Team building Private parties Sail training Sunset sailing Moonlight sailing Overnight Exploration voyages Fishing Diving… Really, the only limit is the imagination! The Rapido 60 Racer / Charter provides the ideal escape from noisy engines and fumes – and the boring, slow, fake news, sailing boats. Let clients experience real sailing action as the Rapido glides effortlessly across the waters. Slip into that secluded cove; sail into the shallows – and that beautiful beach. It’s all possible with a draft of just 0.75m courtesy of a retracting daggerboard.


Rapido Trimarans will consider various options from serious parties for this unique charter boat, including: Selling the boat outright Selling share(s) A joint venture arrangement


  • Maximum number of passengers: Approximately 43 (depending upon country’s regulations)
  • No. of heads: 2
  • No. of showers: 1
  • No. of galleys/bars: 1
  • No. of permanent bunks for a crew member: 1 ( can sleep more)
  • Length: 18.1m (59.3ft)
  • Beam: 11.7m (38.4ft)
  • Draft: 0.75m (2.5ft)
  • Displacement (max load): 11,000kg (24,250lb)
  • Headroom (average): 2.1m (6ft 9in)
  • Trampoline nets
  • Motor: Yanmar
  • Sailing and motor
  • Motor only
  • Note, subject to the requirements of a purchaser, the factory may be able to make changes to some of the items listed below. If in doubt, please ask the question.

For further information on Rapido 60 Charter / Cruiser

If you would like to discuss any of the above options (or do you have a different option), then please email: Paul Koch at [email protected] Richard Eyre at [email protected]