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General Specifications

  • LOA: 12.00m (39′ 4")
  • LWL: 11.96m (39′ 3")
  • BOA: 8.30m (12′ 6")
  • BOA (folded): 4.60m (15′ 1")
  • BOA (float to float CL): 7.45m (24′ 5")
  • Freeboard: 1.50m (4′ 11")
  • T board up: 0.56m (1′ 10")
  • T board down: 1.40m (4′ 7")
  • Displacement (light): 4,000kgs (8,819lbs)
  • Displacement (max): 5,000kgs (11,023lbs)

Download pdf documents

  • For R40 Aft Cabin version, click here (17 March 2019)
  • For R40 General Arrangement, click here (15 Feb 2019)
  • For R40 Interior General Arrangement, click here (18 April, 2019)
  • For R40 Sail Plan, click here (27 July 19)


  • SA Main: 76m2 (818sqf)
  • SA Solent: 43m2 (463sqf)
  • SA Staysail: 14.4m2 (155sqf)
  • SA Reacher: 100m2 (1,076sqf)
  • SA Asym Spin: 128m2 (1,378sqf)

 Intracoastal Waterway

  • Max: 19.8m (65’)*
  • Mast Length Max: 17m (55′ 9")
  • Mast Height above DWL: 19.3m (63′ 4")

* Note: The design is for an ocean-going boat, built to CE Category A standards.

The mast height is capped at 65ft above the water so that it fits under all the bridges in intracoastal waterways.

General Information

The Rapido 40 – The World’s Ultimate Folding Cruising Trimaran

The Rapido 40 Trimaran will be launched in Q4, 2020.

And with a price tag of just USD395,000* ex factory, it will open the Rapido experience to a far wider group of people.

World acclaimed designers, Morrelli & Melvin are designing a Rapido 40 which will become the benchmark of the mid range size.

Naturally, the Rapido 40 will be built by our exclusive builder, Triac Composites.

C foils

Rapido 40 C foils
Rapido 40 C foils

The C foils will give the Rapido 40 a massive performance boost both upwind and downwind without adding a lot of complexity. For normal day sailing or cruising, both can be in the “down" position or one raised without adding material drag.

The Rapido 40’s tacking and upwind ability is expected to equal the Rapido 60’s excellent performance.

Advantages of the Rapido 40 

Customers always have options in the market. We believe the Rapido 40 will capture the interest of this segment for the following reasons:

  • Lighter
  • Faster
  • Easier to handle
  • Better accommodation and layout
  • Far more competitively priced
  • Higher tech build
  • Stronger, safer folding system (Designed by Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering Inc. (concept by Paul Koch, Australia Patent Application No. 2019902014)).
  • Better all-round offshore
  • Better weight distribution with heavy items (eg engine) in the middle of the boat .
  • More functional interior which will be very nicely finished in a style similar to that of the Rapido 60

And then, of course, there is the folding system…


Patented folding mechanism for Rapido 40 and Rapido 50

Rapido Trimarans is delighted to unveil the pioneering folding mechanism that we will use on our all-new, Rapido 50 Trimaran, designed by Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering Inc. (concept by Paul Koch, Australia Patent Application No. 2019902014).The Rapido 50's folding mechanism allows owners to moor in a single-berth at a marina, saving costs. Additionally, by folding the floats in the upright position, say goodbye to the barnacles growing up the side of the float (as can be the case with other folding mechanisms in the market).Welcome to the all new Rapido 50. A new future!Leave your comments below!ENQUIRIESTo discuss further, email co founder of Rapido Trimarans, Paul Koch:

Posted by Rapido Trimarans on Wednesday, 2 October 2019

To enable easy and more affordable single-berthing at the marina, the R40 will be a folding trimaran (folding the outer floats (amas) up against the centre hull) – but with an important difference. The R40 will feature a folding mechanism for the 21st Century – as seen on the Rapido 50.

The R40 will introduce a remarkable engineering solution to two age-old problems typically associated with folding trimarans; namely, the folding mechanism will:

  • Not compromise the boat’s stability; and
  • Actually keep the floats in the upright position. Say goodbye to weeds, algae and barnacles growing on the sides!

Further details


Trimarans are safe, powerful and fast as demonstrated by the fact that they consistently win races and hold the solo speed record for circumnavigating the world.


Safety at sea is the No. 1 priority and this thinking is reflected throughout the design and construction of the Rapido.


The Rapido 40 has some truly amazing living spaces which provide more open, private and intimate areas than monohulls or catamarans.

stable and comfortable

Trimarans are comfortable on all points of sail.


The combination of safety, performance and comfort put the Rapido in a league of its own. The enormous trampoline nets add fun and excitement as you watch the blue water rush underneath you – or as you lounge on the nets while gently floating over a reef. You will be instantly hooked..

look inside the


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