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We have the following two versions of the Rapido RC17 power cat which can cruise at 22-25 knots:

  1. The day charter version (RC17 Commercial); and
  2. The private version (RC17 Owner’s).


For a complete list of specifications (EN and FR), download the pdf file, RC17 Commercial_MainParticulars EN FR 3 Sept 19 (an abridged list of particulars is detailed below).


RC17 Commercial (Charter version). Click on pdf files for full details.

RC17 Commercial (Charter version). Click on pdf files for full details.

Click to download the following pdf files:

Length / Longueur                                                                                                         

  • Maximum length / longueur max: 17.62m
  • Length of hull / longueur de coque: 17.14m
  • Length of waterline (at DWL) / Longueur à la flottaison: 17.07m

Beam /Largeur                                                                                                                

  • Maximum beam / largeur max: 6.5m
  • Beam of hull / largeur de coque: 6.48m
  • Beam at waterline (at DWL)* / Largeur à la flottaison: 1.44m
  • Beam of chine*: 1.26m
  • Beam between centres of buoyancy / Largeur totale à la flottaison: 4.85m

Depth / Profondeur                                                                                                       

  • Maximum depth / tirant d’eau: 2.7m
  • Midship depth/ Tirant d’eau centre de carène: 2.69m

Freeboard  / Franc-bord                                                                                              

  • Freeboard forward  (up to hawsehole) Franc bord avant: 1.88m
  • Freeboard midship (up to hawsehole) Franc bord centre de carène: 2.06m
  • Freeboard aft (up to deck level) Franc bord arrière: 1.13m

Draught / Tirant d’eau                                                                                                 

  • Canoe body draught (at DWL) / Tirant d’eau flotteur: 0.89m
  • Minimum draught (at LC) / Tirant d’eau minimum: 0.88m
  • Maximum draught (at LDC)/ Tirant d’eau maximum: 1.25m

Height / hauteur                                                                                                             

  • Air draught (excluding antenna) / Tirant d’air (hors antenne): 6.64m

General Information

The RC17 (Commercial), designed by Albatross Marine Design, has protected props, strengthened hulls for mooring alongside the beach, bow steps for beach access and for those wishing to swim further out from shore, there are stern steps.

To ensure maximum revenue for operators the boat has been designed with maximum versatility in mind. The aft seating, for example, can be built to be modular plug in/out. 

With a focus on costs, the RC17 has been designed and built to be a practical, robust cat which is both easy to operate and maintain.

The RC17 (Commercial) has four separate areas for passenger enjoyment; namely:

  1. Upper deck,
  2. Aft deck
  3. Saloon (can be air-conditioned); and
  4. Bow area. 

These areas give people options to be social or private, an important factor lacking in most designs. One could enclose the aft deck more for all-weather protection if required.

With the versatility of the RC17, market segments include:

  1. Commuter
  2. Day charter (eg islands)
  3. Sunset cruises
  4. Up market lunches and dinners (eg for 5-star resorts with aft deck having tables, sofas etc)
  5. Party / disco boat
  6. Corporate events (incl. team building)
  7. Dive boat
  8. Fishing tripsetc.

Propulsion can be diesels or hybrids and electric. 

Catamarans Vs monohulls

Catamarans hold a number of advantages over monohulls in commercial and leisure options, including:

  • A softer ride: catamarans provide 30-50 per cent lower “vertical accelerations” on seaway (less “slamming” over swells)
  • The usable length of craft being larger
  • High stability
  • Higher survivability if the hulls are damaged
  • Small “heel” angles at turn
  • Comfortable seating, more space per passenger; and
  • Safe evacuation routes.

In terms of market share, 60-70 per cent of all passenger high speed craft are catamarans.

Rapido Catamarans (RC), a subsidiary of Rapido Trimarans Limited, is marketing a range of commercial catamarans which are designed by Albatross Marine Design (AMD) and built exclusively by Triac Composites.

AMD is a leading Asian-based design office specialising in naval architecture and engineering of small and high speed for craft commercial special and recreational applications with special expertise in design of catamarans and composite structures.

AMD has been recognised with the European Product Design Award in 2019.

RC17 (Comm.) –  has been designed for a multitude of applications to generate strong financial results for your business.

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Rapido Trimarans’ owned and managed manufacturing facility, Triac Composites, is based in HCMC, Vietnam. We have a highly skilled workforce managed by a highly experienced international management team. Our factory also has water frontage which now makes delivery by water an option if required.

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You are also very welcome to visit our factory in HCMC, Vietnam.

Free trade agreements make Vietnam particularly attractive

Vietnam has been working hard to increase its level of competitiveness on the world stage. 

Already, Vietnam is a signatory to 12 free trade agreements and is currently negotiating another seven which is good news for customers wishing to source products from Vietnam.

For further details on the free trade agreements that Vietnam has signed up to, click onto Vietnam’s Free Trade Agreements – Opportunities for Your Business by Dezan, Shira and Associates on 9 May, 2019. 

RC17 Commercial


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