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The Vision behind the Rapido

Rapido 60, Romanza, by Jaz Knowles.Have you ever had a consuming passion for anything?

Co founder of Rapido Trimarans, Paul Koch, certainly does.

While trimarans may be a niche market, it is a market that he has essentially devoted his whole working life to developing.

Paul owned and operated OSTAC (Ocean Sailing Trimarans and Catamarans) Yachts from 1986 to 2008 and then the trimaran company, Corsair Marine from 1994 to 2010. Pioneer Paul, renowned for his passion and vision, has been credited with driving many innovations in the multihull industry.

For most of his career, Paul has worked with James Sganzerla, Rapido Trimarans’ Operations Director. Together, over a combined period of 60 years, they have managed to build more than 1,500 production trimarans.

You would think that 1,500 trimarans later, Paul would have felt like he had done it all with trimarans. But not so. Paul was convinced that there was a segment in the market missing: a trimaran that was owner-operated, powerful, ocean-cruising – and could be safely crewed by two. Enter the concept for the world’s fastest production cruising trimaran, the Rapido 60. Armed with the concept, Paul approached his friend, Pete Melvin, from world-acclaimed naval architects, Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering. Their brief was to develop the design and engineering for the Rapido 60.

The Designers – Morrelli & Melvin

Romanza Morrelli Melvin Rapido 60

Rapido Trimarans believes Morrelli & Melvin Design and Engineering is the best qualified and most professional multihull design/engineering company in the world.

Morelli & Melvin don’t just sit in the design office. They actually sail and build boats.

Combined with their developmental work on cutting edge technology behind America’s Cup campaigns and other world famous projects, we believe they have the perfect balance of technical knowledge and hands-on experience.

They then designed the Rapido 60 (and Rapido 50 and Rapido 40) and then gave the plans to Paul who commenced the build.

The Builder – Triac Composites

Triac Composites' logoTriac Composites is the manufacturing arm of Rapido Trimarans.

It was established in Vietnam in 2014 by Paul and James to exclusively build the Rapido range of trimarans (and subsequently, catamarans).

Paul and James had been building the Corsair range of trimarans in HCMC, Vietnam since relocating from the USA in 2006. By the time Triac Composites was established, they already had an excellent understanding of the local business environment – and the capability of the Vietnamese with respect to working with composites and, specifically, building composite trimarans.

In addition,  Triac Composites is very well structured to handle high tech composite OEM contracts in both the marine and non marine industries (for more details, see further below).

Triac Composites has an international management team and technical staff. We employ nearly 100 local staff – many of whom have been with Paul and James since the beginning of their time in Vietnam.

Rapido’s Dealership Network

We understand that purchasing a Rapido Trimaran or Catamaran is a significant decision. As part of that process, it’s important that you are able to decide who you would like to speak to.

Accordingly, please find below the contact details of Rapido Trimarans’ Founders, Dealers and Owners.

Rapido Trimarans’ founders:

  1. Paul Koch (WhatsApp): +84 93 904 0201, [email protected]
  2. Richard Eyre (WhatsApp): +66 87 894 4104, [email protected]

Rapido Trimarans’ Dealership Network

  1. France – Navis LR, Magalie Raison (Ph. & Laurent (Ph.
  2. USA – The Multihull SourceBob Gleason, Ph. 508-295-0095
  3. Germany, Austria –  Corsair Germany, Werner Stolz, Ph. +49 89 3082344
  4. United Kingdom / Channel Islands – Tom Whitby, Boatshed Guernsey, C/o Beaucette Marina, Guernsey, GY3 5BQ, +44 7477 959 695
  5. Greece – Fast Sailing GreeceMichalis Aftias, Mob:+30 6977 2345 27
  6. Morrelli & Melvin – Mark Womble, Ph. +1  949-500 3440

Rapido 60 owners

  1. Caribbean (Ineffable) – Steve Bourne
  2. New Zealand (Romanza) – Jaz Knowles and Dougall Love

Dealers wanted

Would you like to be a Rapido Dealer?

We would love to hear from you. Please email [email protected]

Triac Composites: Rapidos, outsourcing and non marine

Triac Composites factory, HCMC, Vietnam

In January 2019, Triac Composites moved into a new, riverside, factory in HCMC, Vietnam. Direct access to the river and then the sea allows us to launch boats too big for trucking, directly into the river to sail away – or we can load them onto a barge to be taken to the HCMC port. In 2019, we also took delivery of our first milling robot: a 7 axis KUKA Robot which increases our capability considerably. We also have a CNC cutting machine and an 8.5m autoclave for carbon pre-preg and infusion work. Production is managed by a highly experienced team of expatriate and local staff. As well as the Rapido range of trimarans and catamarans, Triac Composites can build custom / production boats and vessels (yachts, power boats, coastal patrol boats and ferries (we have even project managed the construction of two 16m steel fishing vessels)) for other customers as required. And while composites are especially well suited to the marine industry, their applicability (eg being lightweight, super strong, non corrosive and offering design freedom) to other industries represents an enormous opportunity. In addition to marine, Triac Composites has manufactured components and products for the mining, transport (eg trains and automotive) and building industries.

Do you need a product / component manufactured from composites?

For further information regarding the use of composites in your next project – whether that is marine or non marine, please visit:

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