Rapido 53XS – A peak speed of 24 knots during initial sea trials!, reports Multihulls World magazine, 19 April 2024. Article by Emmanuel van Deth.

An edited extract of the original article is reproduced below.

“When the XS project – which stands for Xtra Space – was launched, some were skeptical: How would the famous “traditional” Rapido 50 perform with an additional 1,770 lbs (800 kg) of superstructure?

“Now that hull #1 is in the water and the first seatrials under sail off Vietnam to the west coast of Malaysia have been validated, we have the answer…

“The 53XS was capable of averaging over 10 knots and reached a spectacular top speed of… 24 knots!

“While the Morrelli & Melvin hull is retained, the 53XS logically opts for a fixed structure (i.e., not foldable). The goal is to offer three comfortable cabins and two bathrooms.

“The shipyard could have stuck to this concession to comfort… but no, in the end, the appendages have been completely revised. The draft has been calculated so as not to exceed that of the central hull.”

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