This morning, Dougall and Jaz Love (Rapido 60, Romanza) have caught up with superstar helmsman, Peter Burling, from the winning America’s Cup team, Emirates Team New Zealand. See photo above.

Dougall says that Peter was fantastic to talk to.

And pleasing Dougall and Jaz no end was, without having mentioned anything about the recent Auckland-Tauranga race which Romanza won against some more fancied opposition, Peter asked, “How far did you beat the Volvo 65 by?” (click here for Romanza beats Volvo 65 to win Auckland-Tauranga Centennial, 2021.)

Thank you!!

And for a flashback to September last year, see the moment that Romanza was “beating” the America’s Cup contender, American Magic (which just happened to be near by on a training run) in this magic photo taken by Joan Kirk. Romanza was in a 50nm Gold Cup Race which it went on to win.

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Romanza "leads" America's Cup, "American Challenge" as Romanza goes on to win New Zealand's Gold Cup Race (50 miles). Photo Joan Kirk.
Romanza “leads” America’s Cup, “American Challenge” as Romanza goes on to win New Zealand’s Gold Cup Race (50 miles). Photo Joan Kirk.
















Video of Peter Burling the day after winning the 2021 America’s Cup