Dave Orton is the Captain of Camp David Navel Gazing and in this Future Yacht Episode, he focuses on the Rapido 53XS offering a tour, review and ideas.

Click on the You Tube link below to watch the episode and if you like his style, subscribe to his channel. (a more detailed blurb of the episode is detailed further below in Dave’s own words.)

The below is taken from the You Tube page of this episode of Navel Gazing at Camp David.

Welcome back to Navel Gazing at Camp David.

This week we are enjoying a Future Yacht episode and having a sneak peek at one of the most exciting vessels in the last five years…

The Rapido 50XS trimaran!

Today we will,

  1. Review its specifications, pricing and layout against three similar new vessels.
  2. Do a full tour asking, “What would Sylvia say?”
  3. Naval Gaze at an innovation and/or adjustment that might make life aboard easier
  4. Have a look at the used market for 3–5-year-old comparables.
  5. And finally give it a “Dave Score” and compare the result with all our previously reviewed yachts.

As always, all this fun will be sandwiched between a pairing of wine, or rather Spirits, and a work of art from the same region as the guest yacht, in an effort to capture the culture and people who gave birth to these wonderful vessels.

Waves, wine, art, and ideas…What a civilized way to spend thirty minutes, so let’s get going.