[20 Feb 2023] Richard Eyre is currently sailing Rapido 40, Hull #02 (ADAMAS), from Thailand (Phuket) to Singapore*. While weaving through the squid boats (photo above) during the night, he has also provided some insights on the Rapido 40’s handling. See below.

Richard Eyre sailing Rapido 40 #02, ADAMAS.

We have travelled 550 nm so far. The first leg of 160nm was in 16—25 knot winds; max, 27 kts with rough seas and beating.

We used all combinations of full main and jib: one reef, two reefs, reef and stay…

At 23-25 kts, we used full main and jib… Always under control.

The Rapido 40 is amazingly stable and COMFORTABLE. Very little heel.

The high volume floats and C foils really work.

“In my mono, I would be heeling at 40 degrees.”

Richard adds, “My crew just completed a circumnavigation in a 40’ monohull.

“He said earlier during some of the heavier conditions we went through, ‘In my mono, I would be heeling at 45 degrees!’ ”

Banner photo (top of page)

Richard took this photo two nights ago while motor sailing near Klang in Malaysia. “Hundreds of squid boats light up both the sea and the sky. Many poorly lit boats out there – some with with no lights at all which pose a hazard for other shipping.”

* Rapido 40 – Nominee for Multihull of the Year

Rapido 40 #02, ADAMAS, is expected to arrive in Singapore this evening (20 Feb 2023). Before the end of the month, ADAMAS will be shipped to Europe.

Once in Europe, Rapido 40 #02 will be exhibited at La Grande Motte Boat Show in France which will be held from 12-16 April 2023.

It is at La Grande Motte that Multihulls World magazine will announce the winners of the Multihull of the Year competition. The Rapido 40 is a nominee in the “Sail Performance” category.

  • For details on how to vote in the Multihull of the Year competition, click here.