Rapido 40 #03, Tri Me attracted lots of attention at the 2023 Miami Boat Show last week.

Below is a selection of comments as well as the most asked question about the Rapido 40:

Most asked question

  • Is that an induction cooktop? (No, it’s actually a Wallas diesel cooktop.)

Most commented on feature

  • The interior space in the main cabin is incredible. Far more spacious than I had imagined.

Highlight of the Boat Show for Rapido co founder, Paul Koch

  • The look of amazement when customers saw the Rapido 40’s prepreg carbon drawers was worth bottling! Maybe this is the first boat in the world to have!

Other comments

  • I was very impressed.
  • It’s the first time I climb onboard a multihull that combines, at such a high level, the cruising comfort and space and the performance and fun under sail; all that under 1 million USD, fully equipped.
  • I think it’s a very niche market but there are no competitors.
  • One of the fantastic changes the Rapido line has made over previous trimarans is to raise the cabin sole, better visibility when inside (as opposed to below), fewer steps to the cockpit and a much greater sense of being together from cockpit to cabin.
  • She is beautiful.
  • I was amazed at the interior space in the main cabin
  • I was very impressed with the boat, as was my wife. Its beautifully done, inside and out.
  • There are some nice touches, such as the way the halyards are hidden as they run back to the cockpit.
“The look of amazement when customers saw the prepreg carbon drawers was worth bottling”, said Rapido co founder, Paul Koch.