Multihulls World’s current issue, #185 (August 2022) features Rapido Trimarans in its popular “Shipyard Focus” segment.

The article by Kevin Green is titled, Rapido Trimarans, Multihulls you’ll love (Note, to view this article online, you will need a username and password).

Below are some highlights from the article:

  • Back in 2016, I recall racing against Rapido 60 Hull #01 at the King’s Cup in Thailand and being impressed. During that regatta, the R60 overtook the TP52 fleet on a hard beat, clocking 16 knots speed. The four crew were relaxing on the nets while the 16 person crew on the TP52 were on the rail!
  • In another race, an IRC1 monohull tried to luff the R60 up and failed. So, the pointing abilities of the R60 is right up there with racing monohulls.
  • Despite the differences between the three (Rapido) models (the 40, 50 and 60), what they all share is a performance efficiency which rewards the discerning sailor.
  • The launch of its compact 40 footer now increases the competition considerably in this niche arena.
  • The polars for the Rapido 60 show it capable of climbing to a figure of 25 knots in 20 knots of true wind!
  • Thanks to the meticulous design of Morrelli and Melvin, the boat is actually very forgiving according to owners of the Rapido 60, Romanza, who cruise in New Zealand.
  • The massive buoyancy of the amas and righting moment of the Rapido models have been built into the design and make them safe, stable trimarans.
  • The inherent stability of a trimaran, with its nearly square design and weight centred in the middle (of the centre hull), creates a monohull-style sailing experience with multihull stability.

The video of the Rapido 60 above was uploaded onto the “Multihulls World – Multicoques Mag” You Tube channel in November 2017.

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