[Note, this Rapido model is now the Rapido 53XS] Multihulls World magazine, Issue No. 191, September / October 2023 is out now.

In Multihulls World’s “News from the Builders” section, there is an entry on the Rapido 50XS.

Below, is an edited extract of the original article. (To view the original article (fee required to original read article), click here).

The Rapido 50XS takes the Morrelli & Melvin hull design of the “classic” 50, using a fixed structure (ie not foldable) with an added 1,760lbs (800kgs) of extra superstructure.

The aim is to offer three comfortable cabins and two bathrooms.

Rapido 50 Vs Rapido 50XS: Daggerfoils
Rapido 50 Vs Rapido 50XS: Daggerfoils

The manufacturer could have stuck to this concession to comfort… but no, the appendages have also been completely revised.

Two C-shaped daggerboards built in prepreg carbon – one on each float – replace the central daggerboard offering increased space in the saloon and a 360 degree view.

As for the 50’s fixed central rudder, it gives way to two, fixed, spade-rudders (again in prepreg carbon); one on each float hull.

The draft of the appendages has been calculated so as not to exceed that of the central hull.

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