RC17 (Commercial) – the Ultimate Day Trip Cat

Dr. Albert Nazarov describes the RC17 (56′), by Rapido Catamarans, as the Ultimate Day Trip Cat.

Below, Dr Nazarov who is the Managing Director of Thailand-based Albatross Marine Design, explains more about the catamaran which will be built and marketed by Rapido Trimarans to operators wishing to maximise their returns by offering a catamaran that maximises its versatility.

Rapido Catamarans 17 Commercial, RC17
RC17 (Commercial) by Rapido Catamarans

As marine designers, we are often asked to describe the ideal boat for day trips/charters in the tropics.

Firstly, no doubt, it should be a catamaran.

Only cats offer the advantageous combination of safety, performance and a smooth ride with enormous public spaces.

Functional zones of the RC17

The RC17 is designed around the following functional zones:

  1. Flybridge with hardtop
  2. Sunbathing area on the aft roof
  3. Forward cockpit with U-shaped seats
  4. Spacious aft deck which is convertible for party or passenger transport
  5. Enclosed area in saloon – which also has good airflow!
RC17 by Rapido Trimarans
RC17 Commercial by Rapido Trimarans

We tried to maximize the usable areas. For example, we use perpendicular (rather than angled) windows to avoid losing deck space and direct sunlight in saloon.

While the attractiveness of many recreational charter boats ‘fades’ when their owners add awnings, tents, railings, platforms, etc, the RC17 has no such issue.

With the RC17, all such features have been carefully planned and elegantly designed from the outset.

The styling of the boat is quite modern and is used to emphasis high-tech nature of Rapido Trimarans’ builder, Triac Composites.

Maximising the versatility and return for a commercial operator

We wanted to give the RC17 a ‘yacht look’ but, by functionality, she should remain a commercial craft, capable of operating many hours per year, in rough conditions, in a multitude of configurations, without frequent maintenance. In summary, the RC17 is designed for a commercial operator who needs to maximise commercial returns by having a vessel which maximises its vesatility.

The hulls have been optimized for fuel efficiency through a range of expected operational speeds.

Rapido Catamarans 17 Commercial, RC17
RC17 by Rapido Catamarans.

Much design attention in the RC17 has been given to emergency exits, life saving equipment, guard rails and boarding to ensure that they comply with commercial passenger craft requirements.

Even if there is a collision or grounding, the RC17 will stay afloat even if two compartments are flooded.

The wrap up

Rarely is a designer given the freedom to create the ultimate boat based. In the case of the RC17, the ultimate boat is based on a blend of previous experience and exciting new and innovative ideas and technology.

The RC17 is such an exceptional case and we can’t wait to see her afloat!

Further information

Dr. Albert Nazarov, FRINA, CEng, MSNAME, is Managing Director of Thailand-based ‘Albatross Marine Design’. They have designed over 50 one-off and production catamaran models which are in service worldwide.