Rapido 40: ultra fast cruising in complete safety on three hulls, by Maxime Leriche, Sailboat, 25 April 2023 [Photo above taken from article].

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  1. German, www.boote.comRapido 40: ultra-schnelle Kreuzfahrt in aller Sicherheit auf drei Rümpfen 
  2. Italian, – Rapido 40: crociere ultraveloci in tutta sicurezza su tre scafi
  3. Spanish, – Rapido 40: crucero ultrarrápido con total seguridad en tres cascos
  4. French, Voilier magazine, Découverte / Rapido 40 : la croisière ultra rapide en toute sécurité sur trois coques

Rapido 40, the latest addition to the Rapido range, complements the 50 and 60 footers. All of them share a leitmotiv: fast cruising in complete safety.

The Rapido 40 benefits from a careful construction usually reserved for racing prototypes. Indeed, this cruising trimaran is entirely built in carbon fiber. The hulls and decks are made of infused sandwich, while the beams and appendages are made of pre-preg fabric, with post-curing in an autoclave.

The C foils have the function of relieving the leeward float, and of offering an increase in safety on this fast multihull. Their very advanced position will limit the swamping, and offer an effective anti-drift plan…

For a 40-foot trimaran, the Rapido 40 benefits from a very good habitability. The Pilot House type roof provides a lot of volume and visibility from the inside. The absence of a centerboard frees up a lot of space in the saloon. All the fittings, table, drawer and worktop, are also made of carbon fiber.

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The author of this article visited Rapido 40 #02, ADAMAS at La Grande Motte in France in April 2023.