First look: Rapido 53XS – 20 knot cruiser, Yachting World magazine, Toby Hodges, 29 December 2023.

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The new Rapido 53XS is an appealing three-cabin boat with a compact saloon that has an all round view, combined with easily achieved 20-knot plus performance.

A desire for speed is leading to a revival of larger trimarans. This long awaited Morrelli & Melvin-designed ultra fast cruiser, offered in two distinctly different versions, is from a Vietnam-based yard that also produces 40ft and 60ft trimarans.

The standard Rapido 50, announced in 2020, is a pared down folding trimaran for the ultimate in performance…

The new 53XS (extra space) version has more flare above the waterline of the main hull, together with a much more expansive main deck area and wider saloon. This comes at the expense of 800kg of additional weight but there’s space for a third double cabin on the bridgedeck…

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