Rapido Trimarans’ co founder, Paul Koch, believes that the “C” foils on the all-new Rapido 40 will give it “a massive performance boost both upwind and downwind without adding a lot of complexity”.

Koch made the comments following further discussions with the world-acclaimed designers, of the trimaran, Morrelli & Melvin.

Koch adds that for normal day sailing or cruising, both “C” foils can be in the “down” position, or have just one raised, without a lot of drag being added.

The Rapido 40’s performance, both upwind and tacking, is expected to be just as good as the Rapido 60 which is considered to be “excellent”.

Koch, the veteran boat builder, believes the Rapido 40 will hit the magical “sweet spot” in the market.

“A growing segment of the market is looking for affordable, foldable, trimarans that offer performance and comfort – without compromising safety.

The Rapido 40’s performance will be powered by its high tech build which will result in a light, fast, easy to sail boat. The weight distribution has been carefully planned ensuring that the heavy items such as the engine will be in the middle of the boat. It has been designed to be a genuine off-shore sailing trimaran.

The engineering by Morrelli & Melvin behind the patented folding system, is strong and safe.

The accommodation will have a high-end finish similar to that of the Rapido 60 while the layout will be very functional.


As a special introductory offer, the Rapido 40 is being priced at just USD395,000 ex factory (HCMC, Vietnam).

Until 31 March 2020, we are offering a free carbon upgrade (excludes mast) for those who reserve a production slot. Click here for full details.

Production slots can be secured with a US$ 25,000 slot reservation deposit. We are 100 per cent confident that the first Rapido 40 will really get you excited about receiving your boat. However, if this isn’t the case, we are prepared to offer you a 100 per cent refund.

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