Mark Toia is a world acclaimed director who filmed the first Rapido 60 video (see below – and at the 1.01m mark of the News Bulletin video). This week, his first ever movie, Monsters of Man, premiered.

And what a premiere it has been rocketing to No. 1.

Just today, 16 December 2020, Mark has written on his Facebook page:

“Complete utter shock, we are Number 1!!!! Action / sci-fi!!! Apple TV / iTunes. 

“I just think it’s nuts that every movie around ours cost 50-100x more to make. My head is spinning. Complete disbelief.

“So thankful to everyone that has watched and is loving our film. Thank you, thank you!!”

On 10 December, an Australian TV news segment with Channel 7 discussed the film with Mark. The segment even included some Rapido footage which was used as an example of some of Mark’s previous work (see image above).

Meanwhile, it’s all about Monsters of Man and the man who is making Hollywood sit up and take notice!

To view the official final trailer for Monsters of Man, see below.

To view Mark Toia’s video of the Rapido 60, see below and beneath that, Mark’s comments about making the Rapido video.

Mark Toia speaks about the Rapido 60 video

This was a very interesting project.

On my way back from Vietnam, I dropped into Batam Island off the coast of Sumatra (Indonesia), to film a friend’s (Rapido Trimarans’ Paul Koch) brand new amazing carbon fibre yacht (Rapido 60) which he had just built. Literally, a week or two old.


Stable and so easy to sail!

It’s very much the cruising boat of the future.

I didn’t have all my normal crew or cameras with me and decided to shoot this on a tiny SONY A7s, which was pretty much useless when shooting from a dinghy in rough water. I asked my son to purchase a little DJI OSMO for a bit of fun and to bring it up with him (which ended up being a life-saver). And we also we asked a DJI drone crew to come in from Jakarta to help out as well. The stability results from these little DJI cameras were outstanding!

The RAPIDO TRIMARAN people were more than happy with the end result 🙂

And me being a very fussy camera nerd… was blown away! Will these little toy cameras replace my RED CAMERAS… No. But I have to say, they were the perfect tools for this project.

Thank you to Mark Toia and congratulations on the success of Monsters of Man from everyone at Rapido Trimarans!

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