Sara Brighty, Rapido 60 Grenada, Jan 2021
Photo: Sara Brighty, Rapido 60, Grenada, Jan 2021.

David Geraghty owns a sail boat and, last month, had the pleasure of sailing aboard Steve Bourne’s Rapido 60, Ineffable, in the Caribbean.

Judging from David’s comment below, he was impressed!!

“Steve is the owner of Ineffable, a 60’ long, 40’ wide… carbon fiber racing trimaran. Steve was kind enough to take us out for a leisurely sail to the southern bays of Grenada.

“My boat will sail at just over half of the wind speed, so if the wind is blowing at 15 knots I can expect to be moving somewhere in the region of 7-8 knots.

“Steve’s boat is ridiculously fast and he can achieve double the wind speed.

“Doing 30 knots in a 15 knot breeze… Well, that’s just silly.”

Meanwhile, fellow passenger, Sara Brighty summed up the trip with, “I love that boat so much”.

Special thanks to:

  • David Geraghty for his video and words
  • Sara Brighty for her trampolining skills, photos and appreciation of the Rapido 60
  • The ineffable Steve Bourne, Skipper of Ineffable.

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