[UPDATE 1 June 2024. *The Multihulls World video of the Rapido 40 achieved the highest number of views in the multihulls category for the magazine.] World magazine has released a video from the Miami Boat Show taking a look at the Rapido 40. Rapido co founder, Paul Koch, also appears on the video. A full test of the Rapido 40 will appear in the next issue of Multihulls World magazine, Issue No. 189.

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Below is an excerpt taken from the video above.

The Triac Composites shipyard and the enormous experience of its team produces a wonderful range of high-performance trimarans from 40 to 60 feet out of its base at Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), in Vietnam.

The manufacturer has unveiled its latest “little” boat, the Rapido 40.

Trick of the Light – that’s its name – has shown good average speeds right from its first sail (Trick of the Light was actually launched in February 2022).

This model has C-foils and a carbon rig.

While the central hull has a very narrow beam at the waterline, reasonable volume is nevertheless ensured inside, thanks to a marked chine.

The floats are particularly voluminous, obviously guaranteeing good strength.

And when you go alongside in port, they fold like a Dragonfly: the beam is reduced from 28’10” (8.80 m) at sea down to 17’1” (5.20 m).

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