[31 July 2020] If you’re interested in boats that offer fast passage-making in safety – as well as podium performances for racers and/or classic comfort for cruisers – then read on for the latest on the Rapido range of Rapido 40, Rapido 50 and Rapido 60 trimarans.

  • [Update 5 August 2020. To view the new Interior Arrangement of the Rapido 40 by Morrelli & Melvin, dated 1 August 2020, click here.]

Rapido 50 

Rapido 50 folding system and interior.

Before our very eyes, Hull #01 is morphing into an incredible, high tech boat that will stun the sailing community.

The photo above gives insights into how the float canting will work, as well as the design expertise of Morrelli & Melvin and the quality of our build. The system is massively strong and highly engineered but, in fact, will be very simple to operate when finished.

Hull #01 will be shipped to Majorca at the beginning of September.

Earlier this week, we sold Hull #02 to an Australian customer in Melbourne (Geelong). Originally, the customer was considering a Rapido 60 for its performance. However, with an absence of suitable marinas, he chose the Rapido 50. In addition to the amazing performance of the Rapido 50, it has the bonus feature of being able to slip into a single berth by folding its floats and shrinking its size.

The customer plans to sail the Rapido 50 across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand in time for the America’s Cup, next March.

Rapido 40 

Rapido 40 – milling of centre hull plug and mold for float.

As our state of the art designers, Morrelli & Melvin, send through drawings, we build the tooling. The floats have been completed (see inset) and the centre hull is underway (see main photo above).

We currently have five Rapido 40s on order (one each to Thailand, the Mediterranean and UK. Another two are headed to the US).

Rapido 40 & 50 go to La Grande-Motte, 2021

We can’t wait to get to La Grande-Motte next April. The Rapido 40 and Rapido 50 will both be exhibited.

We are also aiming to have the Rapido 40 at Thailand’s Phuket Boat Show in January.

Rapido 60 wins Yates Cup, New Zealand in 24h 16m 45s

Romanza powers away to claim victory in New Zealand’s 2020 Yates Cup.

Just a fortnight ago, Rapido 60, Romanza had a spectacular win in the Yates Cup in New Zealand, finishing in just over 24 hours. Below is a summary of the 230nm race:

  • 26 starters
  • 9 (36%) of the boats withdrew (broken gear (incl. two TP52s) / seasick)
  • 1st turning point: Romanza led by 1.5 hours
  • 2nd turning point: Romanza led by 2.5 hours
  • Romanza’s Greatest Lead: 3.5 hours
  • Romanza’s Slowest Speed: With no wind, the last 10 miles took 4 hours. (With 35nm to go and wind at that stage, Romanza’s co owner, Dougall Love, had thought they were a chance to beat the record set by ORMA 60, Vodafone in 2014. On hearing the news, Steve Bourne (owner of Ineffable) remarked, “To be that close (to the record set by Vodafone) in a hugely comfortable boat is some feat. No hanging about for dinner on an ORMA 60… It’s exit stage left!!”
  • Romanza’s finishing Time: 24h 16m 45s
  • 2nd boat: 1.5 hours behind Romanza
  • Tastiest food during the race: No less than a freshly cooked lamb shanks dinner!!!

Owner assesses Romanza’s performance

  • If you would like to read Dougall’s full account of the race, including a short video with commentary from him, click here.

Note: Dougall’s next race is a two-handed 100nm race which commences tomorrow, Saturday, 1 August at 9.30am local time (GMT+12). To follow him on tracker, click here. Dougall says that, at this stage “the forecast is ‘keen’… so hopefully we should fly around the track”.

Lock in your production slot for delivery!

The first Rapido 50 will be released on the water in a couple of months. And then the Rapido 40s… This is a really exciting time for Rapido and our loyal followers.

In terms of ordering new boats, production slots are secured in the order that contracts are signed.

To secure your production slot, please contact your local dealer or email [email protected] to discuss details.

Questions, comments, suggestions, orders…

Contact Rapido, or one of our official dealers now for further information.

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or order, please contact one of our founders, dealers or owners as detailed below.

Rapido’s founders:

  1. Paul Koch, Ph +84 93 904 0201, [email protected]
  2. Richard Eyre, Ph+66 87 894 4104, [email protected]

Rapido’s dealers

  1. USA (MA) – The Multihull SourceBob Gleason and Ira Heller, Ph. +1 508-295-0095.
  2. USA (FL)- Windcraft MultihullsDon Wigston, Ph. +1 404 307 9121. Or Facebook.
  3. Tahiti – Sail Tahiti, David Allouch and Nikki Putergill, +689 87 32 88 45. Or Facebook.
  4. Australia – Planet MultihullJohn Rich, Ph +61 412517424. Or Facebook.
  5. Asia (incl. Thailand, Hong Kong) – Multihull Solutions AsiaAndrew de Bruin, Ph +66818941530. Or Facebook.
  6. France – Navis LRMagalie Raison (Ph. & Laurent (Ph. Or Facebook.
  7. Germany, Austria –  Corsair GermanyWerner Stolz, Ph. +49 89 3082344. Or Facebook.
  8. Greece – Fast Sailing GreeceMichalis Aftias, Mob:+30 6977 2345 27.
  9. Morrelli & Melvin (designers of the Rapido range of trimarans) – Mark Womble, Ph. +1  949-500 3440. Click for Facebook.

Rapido 60 owners

  1. New Zealand (Romanza) – Jaz Knowles and Dougall Love
  2. Caribbean (Ineffable) – Steve Bourne