Romanza has won the 230nm Yates Cup in the Hauraki Gulf New Zealand which was held from 17-18 July 2020.
In this video, Romanza’s Skipper and Co-owner, Dougall Love, provides several update reports during the race.

Yates Cup 2020: The Numbers

  • 26 Starters; 230nm
  • Nine (35%) withdrawals (broken gear (incl. two TP52s) / seasick)
  • 1st turning point: Romanza leads by 1.5 hours
  • 2nd turning point: Romanza leads by 2.5 hours
  • Greatest Lead: 3.5 hours
  • Slowest Speed: Last 10 miles took 4 hours (no wind). Drifted across finish line with support of currents
  • Finishing Time: 24h 16m 45s
  • 2nd boat: 1.5 hours behind Romanza

Accompanying article

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Video footage

  • Yates Cup 2020 footage (taken on Romanza): Dougall Love (Skipper and co owner).
  • Drone file footage of Romanza in Hauraki Gulf: Rapido Trimarans.
  • Tracker footage of Yates Cup: Royal Akarana Yacht Club
  • Voice: Dougall Love
  • Purple Planet:
Further Information
27 July, 2020