Romanza has taken line honours in the 44nm Gold Cup Race in New Zealand on the weekend (31 October 2020).

Skipper of Romanza, Dougall Love, has posted a review below of the race which is held by the Royal Akarana Yacht Club (RAYC).

Two thirds of the race was upwind in 15 to 20 knots North Easters.

Romanza wins Gold Cup Race 3, 2020/21
Romanza wins Gold Cup Race 3, 2020/21. (Watch replay by clicking the image)

We ran our full main and jib most of the way, with big A2 off the wind on the way home. Top boat speed was 21.9 knots and we finished nearly an hour ahead of the first mono-hulls (TP52 and Melges 40), as you can see on the tracker.

We also picked up the Multihull Handicap win (05:49:59 Vs 05:53:54) and although there weren’t a lot of multihulls, the lightweight 8.5 catamaran, Attitude sure came home very fast (see tracker)!

Romanza is going really well and although we have some areas to work on, we’re pleased with where we’re at on the performance scale and with our crew work.

It was nice to be able to go racing and we feel privileged to be do the things we love at these times in the world.

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