Congratulations to Dougall Love and Romanza (Rapido 60) which has won Race 2 of the Lewmar Triple Series (100nm), unopposed, in New Zealand on 7 August 2021.

The weather forecast for the 100 nautical two-handed race, hosted by the Shorthanded Sailing Association of New Zealand, was “pretty horrific (chilly, wet and windy), with some models saying we would see 50 knots”, wrote Live Sail Die who made the video above. “But thankfully the strongest gust was more around the 30 mark.”

The fleet battled it out in the rough conditions together with temperatures that were “cold enough to freeze the gonads off a snow man (but we’ll be fine)”, reported Dougall.

Of the eight entrants in the Doyle Sails All Multihulls Race, Romanza was the only multihull to finish.

Romanza recorded an elapsed time of 10hrs:25mins:27secs (corrected time: 14:35:38).

Check the official race video above which includes some on board footage of Romanza as well as some on board commentary from Skipper, Dougall Love.

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