Kellie Peterson from Sailing Starship Friendship has been out on the Rapido 60, Ineffable and is proud to be part of the “20 knots club”!

Watch the video below (the Ineffable action commences at 2.50 mins) – and for choice quotes about the Rapido 60, see further below.

Choice quotes from Kellie Peterson speaking about Ineffable, the Rapido 60

  • Looking forward to another incredible day of sailing upon Ineffable, built for speed.
  • This boat can go faster than the wind which is very exciting.
  • My parents are really going to enjoy the experience.
  • “Oh yeah! Now we’re moving.”
  • Maximum speed: 19.3 knots. Average speed over two hours sailing, 9.6 knots. Tip top!” (Quote by Mark Haswell)
  • Great! That was a great sail. Fantastic!
  • The tough part starts now: just relaxing!
  • We’ve just been initiated into the 20 knots club and that means we need to celebrate!

About the Dangerous Knots video

(Taken from Sailing Starship Friendship’s You Tube page)

Someone could have lost a finger! Seriously… and there’s a special knot for dealing with the situation. Pay attention – you might need it one day! In addition to the knot drama, the to-do list is long as we prepare to cross the Atlantic Ocean. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!

In this episode, we do more fast sailing (20-nm club! with the Rapido 60, Ineffable)), enjoy the cruising community, and find more reasons to dance!

PLUS… Sea (Kellie’s mom) comes for quick a visit AND David returns! To celebrate, we participated in a local reforestation project. Many years of deforestation has left Grand Canaria and similar islands with less rain fall, more erosion and resulting economic troubles. It feels good knowing that someday the trees we planted will be part of a healthier island ecosystem. More fun and lots of pre-crossing chores in Las Palmas.

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[More ineffable action in the above video by Sailing Starship Friendship.]

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