Kellie Peterson Sails faster than the wind in Episode 17 of her Sailing Starship Friendship You Tube series with the Rapido 60, Ineffable.

Choice quotes from presenter, Kellie Peterson

  • When we arrived in Las Palmas, we were excited to meet more great sailors and honored to be invited to spend the day on a Rapido Trimaran named, Ineffable. An ineffable experience!
  • I heard it (Ineffable) does 30 knots. Whoa!
  • What a crazy, incredible, thrilling experience that must be.
  • Three days (for Ineffable to sail) from Gibraltar to here (Las Palmas, Canary Islands)? That’s insane. It would have taken us ten days (in our catamaran).
  • We are sailing on a fast trimaran today and we will see what she can do with a very little bit of wind.
  • I love it.
  • We’re having such a wonderful time here (Skipper, Stephen Bourne)
  • How cool is that? Awesome! Lucky us!
  • That was delightful and amazing!

Footage of Ineffable first appears at 6.15 mins and then again at 8.19 mins.

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