Yachting World magazine’s November 2020 issue is out now and it includes a write up of the the “new breed” Rapido 40 and 50 Trimarans.

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When launched in 2016, the Morrelli & Melvin designed Rapido 60 quickly established this brand as a new breed of ultra fast, yet practical, performance cruising / racing trimaran. The Vietnam-based builder has two further models in development at 40ft and 50ft. Both are folding designs which enables them to slip into a regular monohull marina berth and reduces storage costs when ashore.

Rapido 40 C foils
Rapido 40 “C” foils

Construction is of infused carbon foam sandwich with beams, daggerboards and rudder made of prepreg carbon. The central hull is configured for single-level living with the cockpit and deckhouse both on the same level, although the Rapido 50 has a higher helm station to give a clear view over the coachroof.

Polars for this model show it being capable of well over 20 knots of boat speed across a wide range of reaching wind angles and as much as 18 knots beam reaching in just 14 knots of breeze. The first Rapido 50 is finishing build and is scheduled for delivery to an owner in Palma, Mallorca during autumn 2020.

Rapido is also working on a Rapido 40 footer with curved C-foils and T-foil rudders. As well as offering a performance boost, without the control issues of a fully foiling boat, these allow the interior to be opened up as there’s no need for a daggerboard in the central hull. The result looks to be a very enticing high performance yacht with a civilised two-cabin interior and acres of deck space.

The first Rapido 40 is scheduled to be unveiled to the public at the Multihull show at La Grande Motte in April next year.

Yachting World reports on "new breed" of Rapido 40 and 50 Trimarans. November 2020.
Yachting World reports on “new breed” of Rapido 40 and 50 Trimarans. November 2020.

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