Sail Tahiti is Rapido Trimarans’ dealer in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

If you are interested to know what opportunities and challenges exist for cruising the Pacific during Covid, they’re a great company to check with. To make it easier, they have just provided an update for visitors to their website which can be viewed by clicking here.

Below is an excerpt.


French Polynesia is one of the few cruising zones in the South Pacific currently open to cruisers.

Contrary to many zones further west, including Australia and New Zealand, you can still enjoy some South Pacific magic.

So what do you need to know to plan your 2021 season? There’s a confusing mix of information out there, so we’ve taken a look at the entrance requirements, routes and come up with 5 ideas to make your cruise a reality.

  1. Things are opening up!  You can sail your own boat to the South Pacific! See our country by country status list by clicking the link here to our full article.
  2. Do a long term boat rental in French Polynesia. Flights into and out of our region are open and there is no quarantine. Join us in Tahiti for the start of your blue-water cruise.
  3. Buy your boat, ready in the cruising waters of your choice. Not all regions have easy flights in and out but Tahiti does. So buying here means you can cruise here. The process of buying and selling is straight forward and the market remains strong.
  4. Have your new boat delivered to French Polynesia. There are lots of reasons why this makes sense, including financial (ex VAT) and the current cruising logistics.
  5. Have you thought of sailing to Hawaii? This is a great option to loop back towards the North American continent and so avoid the country closures that are a reality of the western Pacific.
Rapido 60 Ineffable
File photo: Rapido 60, Ineffable (Stephen Bourne)

Further information

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  • If you are interested in having a Rapido Trimaran delivered to French Polynesia or sailing to the region, contact:

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