Boating New Zealand has published an article, Harnessing Speed, by Kevin Green in its November 2021 issue. the full article can be read online by clicking here.

Below is an excerpt.

Harnessing the inherent speed in a lightweight carbon trimaran design while still having a spacious cruising boat is the secret of Rapido Trimarans’ success.

Years ago, at the start of his new project building larger cruising trimarans, I met and talked with Rapido co-owner, Paul Koch. It was an interesting conversation, without hyperbole and very factual. It was a very no-nonsense Australian-style approach, in fact. “The whole Rapido trimaran concept came about because we felt the world needed a larger, roomier, cruising trimaran with good living space that delivered great performance,” he said.

Since then, Koch and his business partner Richard Eyre have launched the Rapido 60 and 50, with the keenly awaited Rapido 40 not far away. An early 60, Romanza, was sold to a New Zealand couple.
During the years, I watched the steady development of what is one of the few cruiser-racer trimaran designs and even recall racing against Rapido 60 Hull #1 at the King’s Cup in Thailand in 2016. For keen sailors who want performance, the R60 overtook the TP52 fleet on a hard beat, clocking 16 knots.

The four crew were relaxing on the nets while the 16-person crew on the TP52 were on the rail!

In another race, an IRC 1 monohull tried to luff the R60 up and failed. So, the pointing ability of the R60 is right up there with racing monohulls.

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