Australia’s Cruising Helmsman Magazine has published a review of the Rapido 60 in its current October, 2020 issue. See the video below for some highlights,
Choice quotes include:
  • The Rapido 60 offers speed along with performance wrapped in comfort and luxury.
  • Designed by renowned naval architects, Morrelli & Melvin
  • …the large deckhouse windows bring lots of natural light.
  • The Rapido 60 has a draft between 0.75m and 3.5m… (and) you get an average of 2.1m of headroom in the main hull.
  • The Rapido 60 sails, on average, 1.4 times faster than the true wind speed.
  • To put it into perspective, you sil at 12+ knots in 8 knots of true wind.
  • The Rapido 60 is a wonderful alternative vessel to cruise the world.
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  • File footage of Rapido 60, Romanza: Clay Bauman
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Rapido Trimarans
Video by Rapido Trimarans, 23 September 2020