Sea Yachting (pp.32-35) magazine’s October 2020 issue has just been published and it includes a feature on Rapido Trimarans, specifically:

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SEA yachting Sept 2020
SEA yachting Sept 2020

Rapido Trimarans

While Covid-19 causes massive disruption throughout the world in 2020, Rapido Trimarans’ underlying momentum has been building steadily as people reassess life’s priorities.

The Rapido 60 recently claimed victory in New Zealand’s 230nm Yates Cup in a touch over 24 hours (and, 30 miles from the finish line, Romanza was challenging the record set by the 60’ Orma, Vodafone in 2014… until the wind disappeared).

Designed by world-renowned naval architects, Morrelli & Melvin (M&M) of America’s Cup fame, the Rapido 60 ensures podium performances with its advanced design, technology and engineering. Even though Rapido can travel at speed, the levels of comfort and stability are extraordinary.

Midway through winning the Yates Cup (in very challenging conditions which saw 35 per cent of the fleet withdraw due to damage and/or sea sickness), Romanza’s crew were rewarded with superb Kiwi lamb shanks prepared onboard in the galley designed for serious chefs who sail hard!

The Rapido 60 has also been designed to excel with smaller crews, as evidenced by Romanza taking line honours, just a week after the Yates Cup, in a 100nm two-handed race. Together with the built in amenities, Rapido very easily morphs into the ideal boat for cruising couples with a passion for sailing.

The flexibility of the Rapido and the range of experiences it delivers has prompted some to comment on it offering “a new concept”. They refer to a new normal where fast passage-making and winning performances are bundled with the ability to cruise in comfort. All this is underpinned by an uncompromising level of safety that is backed by the best design and engineering in the world.

Back in the factory

Building on the DNA of the Rapido 60, two new models will join the fleet in 2020: the Rapido 50 and Rapido 40, both designed by M&M.

These two high-tech trimarans, importantly, can fold and slip into single berths making almost any marina, anywhere in the world, accessible. This folding capability substantially reduces marina, hard stand and shipping costs.

The folding mechanism for the floats has been patented because of its state of the art design. The floats fold into the centre hull keeping their upright position (protecting the side of the floats from barnacle and algae growth) and maintaining the stability of the boat at all stages during the folding process.

Another innovation on the Rapido 40 is the “C” foil daggerboards in the floats which significantly increase off wind and even up wind performance. Additionally, with the foils replacing the traditional daggerboard in the centre hull, the cabin interior becomes far more functional and offers amazing 360 degree visibility.

The first Rapido 50 is due to leave the factory for Europe in September. The first Rapido 40 will be delivered in South East Asia by December.

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