Dougall Love has confirmed “Another great race for the mighty Romanza (Rapido 60, two days earlier on 26 September 2020) in the Royal Akarana Yacht Club‘s Gold Cup Race #1, 50 miles. First on line…”

Congratulations to Dougall and his entire team aboard the Magnificent Romanza on their latest success!!

[See Romanza at the start of video above prior to commencement of Saturday’s 2020 Gold Cup Race #1, Auckland, New Zealand.]

Meanwhile, *Joan Kirk has posted the above photo of Romanza “streaking away” from America’s Cup challenger, American Magic during the Gold Cup (sure, American Magic was on its own separate training run and had nothing to do with the Gold Cup Race – but it’s still a great photo!).

Dougall simply said that, “Romanza (was) in great company today!”

At Rapido Trimarans, we would argue that it was actually two boats in great company today!

And of course, while these two boats have the capability of podium performances, only one of them doubles as a classic cruiser! Dougall has subsequently pointed out that American Magic “couldn’t produce a roast dinner like we can!!”

Congratulations to Dougall Love and crew of Romanza on yet another outstanding result on the weekend!

* Photo credit: Thank you to Joan Kirk for giving Rapido Trimarans permission to share this photo which first appeared on the ETNZ AC36 Facebook Fan Page. Joan adds that, “(The America’s Cup boats) are so fast. Sometimes I see one and by the time I get my camera – which doesn’t take me long – they have gone!” Well, at Rapido, we are just very grateful that Joan was fast enough to get the camera while both American Magic and Romanza were there!!

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