[UPDATE 1 July 2021. For more photos of the Rapido 50 in Spain, click here.]

Below is the first footage of Rapido 50, Hull #01 (Flint) under sail! The footage was taken by Rapido’s designers, Morrelli & Melvin in Mallorca Spain.

With Covid restrictions preventing us from getting to Spain ourselves for the Rapido 50’s sea trials, thankfully, Ferdinand Van West (Morrelli & Melvin) was able to go – and he did a fantastic job!

As reported on M&M’s Facebook page, Ferdinand says:

“It was a great first week for the yacht and I’m really pleased with the performance as well as how the layout of the interior and exterior worked out.

“We tested the innovative folding mechanism which cants the floats by 46 degrees so they are in an upright position when folded. This allowed us to dock the boat in its permanent monohull berth.”

More to follow.

  • For more information on the Rapido 50, click here.

Thank you to Ferdinand and Morelli & Melvin – and of course, the owner of Flint (Rapido 50, Hull #01).

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