Rapido 50, Hull #01 has been doing test sails in Spain during the past week with Morrelli & Melvin’s* Ferdinand Van West who has very kindly provided us with the photos in the gallery below (click to enlarge or view on Facebook).

Unfortunately, with Covid restrictions preventing us from leaving the factory (thank you to the owner of the Rapido 50 for his patience and understanding despite the immense frustration – which we share in at least the same measure), the reports we are receiving is that the 50 is “a stiff solid platform that sails very well”.

The owner has added, “Hey! Sail was BRILLIANT!”

First reports are that the boat was doing 9 knots hard on the breeze in 12 knots of wind.

The light ship weight, including rig and sails, is 8,275kgs – as weighed by the owner’s representative.

More to follow.

* Morrelli & Melvin are the world-acclaimed designers and engineers behind the Rapido range of trimarans.