The You Tube channel, design • technology • luxury, has put out its Top 7 Trimarans for 2019-2020.

The video does the countdown from 7 to 1 – which is where the Rapido 60 appears (fast forward to 9.31mins).


The editors’ blurb on the You Tube page asks, “Are you looking for the top trimarans or multihull boats available in the market today?

“Trimarans are preferred by many boating enthusiasts for their stability, maneuverability and ability to reach high speeds. Perfect for any beginner or advanced sailing hobbyist or professional.

“This video lists the best trimarans from the top boat manufacturers and ranked according to price from the most affordable to the downright luxury models.”

So, the question on everyone’s lips now, surely, is that once the Rapido 50 and Rapido 40 hit the water, will Rapido take 3 of the Top 7 spots in this collection?? I guess we better stay tuned to the channel to find out!!