[29 January, 2021] The stunning Rapido 50 has hit the water and has been an instant hit. This newsletter features a “Construction Series” of short videos with co founder, Paul Koch – and a just-released 4D Tour of the Rapido 50.

Rapido 50, 3D Virtual Tour
Rapido 50, 3D Virtual Tour

Rapido 50, Virtual Tour (4D)
For a 4D Virtual Tour of the Rapido 50, click here. Be amazed.

Rapido 50, Episode #01: Living Area
In this first video of the Rapido 50 Construction Series, Rapido’s co founder Paul Koch explains that, “Our perception was that the world needed a more roomy, cruisy, fast trimaran. In other words, it had to have some space in it so you could live in it, see the world, have good accommodation – but still have good performance…”.

Rapido 50, Episode #02: Construction
“We go to extremes to get the lightest possible, strongest, parts…”, says Paul Koch who shares some insights into how we build the Rapido 50.

Rapido 50, Episode #03: Folding System
Paul Koch shows how Rapido’s patented folding system works. “We’ve solved the issue of having (algae and barnacles) growing on the side of the floats by having a canting system that rotates the floats into the vertical position.”

Rapido 50, Episode #04: Helm Position
Paul Koch explains that, “another great feature of the Rapido 50 is the all-round visibility when you’re at the helm. You can see every corner of the boat…”.

Multihulls World reviews Rapido 50 in Buyer’s Guide 2021
Multihulls World’s Buyer’s Guide 2021 is out now and it includes a review of the Rapido 50. The video footage and narration of the article has been done by Rapido Trimarans.

Rapido 60 Power Trimaran for sale
We have a 60′ Power Trimaran in our factory which is available for sale!

The boat is a one-off power trimaran that uses the hull, beams and floats of the Rapido 60. It can be finished to suit a new buyer’s needs; eg, private live-aboard, economical ocean cruiser with simple or luxury finish, day charter, dive boat etc.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this exciting opportunity, please contact Richard Eyre.

Questions, comments, suggestions…

If you’re a racer interested in boats that offer podium performances and fast passage-making in safety – but you also appreciate cruising with the classic comforts – then it sounds like a Rapido Trimaran is the perfect vehicle for you.
If you would like to contact one of our founders or dealers, please see details below.

* Note: production slots are secured in the order that deposits are received.

Rapido’s founders:

  1. Paul Koch, Ph +84 93 904 0201, [email protected]
  2. Richard Eyre, Ph+66 87 894 4104, [email protected]

Rapido’s dealers

  1. USA (MA) – The Multihull SourceBob Gleason and Ira Heller, Ph. +1 508-295-0095.
  2. USA (FL)- Windcraft MultihullsDon Wigston, Ph. +1 404 307 9121. Or Facebook.
  3. Tahiti – Sail Tahiti, David Allouch and Nikki Putergill, +689 87 32 88 45. Or Facebook.
  4. Australia – Planet MultihullJohn Rich, Ph +61 412517424. Or Facebook.
  5. Asia (incl. Thailand, Hong Kong) – Multihull Solutions AsiaAndrew de Bruin, Ph +66818941530. Or Facebook.
  6. France – Navis LRMagalie Raison (Ph. & Laurent (Ph. Or Facebook.
  7. Germany, Austria –  Corsair GermanyWerner Stolz, Ph. +49 89 3082344. Or Facebook.
  8. Greece – Fast Sailing GreeceMichalis Aftias, Mob:+30 6977 2345 27.
  9. Morrelli & Melvin (designers of the Rapido range of trimarans) – Mark Womble, Ph. +1  949-500 3440. Click for Facebook.